Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall into Romance with TRR

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As you might have figured out I will be recommending some erotic romance and at the moment my favorite is Author Kate Richards. You can tell this author has done some serious research into the lifestyle of D/s and she takes it seriously. She has a great respect for it that comes through in every word she writes.

Esme Stone’s marriage is on the rocks. Her husband, Rick, has Peter Pan Syndrome to the extreme, partying till all hours and spending every dime he makes. She cooks, cleans, earns the money for their expenses, and takes responsibility for paying the bills. In short, everything. How can she start a family when her husband is a big kid himself? Heart breaking, she considers divorce.

One step from walking out, she meets a woman online, then others, who swear a Domestic Discipline agreement saved their marriages. That putting their husbands in charge helped them grow up. In hopeful desperation, Esme approaches Rick with an ultimatum.

Take charge or take a hike. 

They jump in with both feet and then come up against a wall. Rick needs help with the discipline elements he must employ. Spank Esme?

You can buy Switch Here... and Find Kate here.


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