Friday, February 24, 2012



Thanks for stopping into my blog hop Stop. :)

Don't we all just love to flirt a little bit. I know I usually find myself flirting with disaster personally. I was always a lousy flirt. I can flirt when its doesn't matter like with my husbands best friend who also happens to be my best friends husband. Nice how that works. That's safe because neither of us would ever do anything and the flirting is always over the top and in public.

But other then that it's amazing how I ever managed to flirt my way into having a husband.

So now to you. If you want to win a copy of my book. I warn you I write Erotica. and its hot!!! Like tie to a bed post hot.

Please follow me here and tell me about your best flirting skill. :)

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  1. Best flirting experience: with my scuba diving instructor. The mouth to mouth rescue practice was the most memorable day in the pool.

  2. I guess my best flirting skill happens during full-contact co-ed sports :> I'm sure you get the *sweaty* picture!


  3. I think my best flirting skill is my ability to have a conversation.....with anyone! My other major talent is the ability to get hot guys to remove articles of clothing (shirts, etc) in public places for my ogling pleasure!! (Although I don't consider that a flirting skill -- just great entertainment!)

    elizabeth @ bookattict . com
    GFC: BookAttict

  4. Great giveaway! I guess my best flirting skill is my ability to just tell someone when I think they're attractive :) That and I know do that whole giggle and twirl my hair bit lol.
    Ashley A
    GFC: Ashley Applebee

  5. I am not sure that I have a best flirting skill. Haha! It used to be dancing, but I haven't done that in some time. Maybe now it is bantering with the guys or discussing football. Men love to talk about sports! Thanks for the HOP!!

  6. I have no flirting skills, too many years as a bartender watching everyone worked their skills. Not that I don't want to learn. Maybe your book can teach me a little. :}

  7. I dont really have a flirty skill. Im more shy. Though if i go anywhere with my mom and she notices a guy, shes the first tno tell him thats hes hot and im single. OMG! lol I usually blush and walk away. Your books awesome! Gotta love the hotness! :D Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. opps, forgot to tell ya, im a gfc- shadow_kohler and email subscriber.

  9. thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway. the book's cover is beautiful and it sound wonderful, i would love to have it. i can hardly wait to see what happens just based on the cover alone.
    i follow via GFC/Facebook under the name tammy ramey

    as far as my flirting skills go, they don't exist. i have PSTD and severe anxiety so i rarely leave my home right now and before i developed the anxiety i decided after my 2nd divorce and a hysterctomy that i needed to take some time alone for me without the pressure of another person's needs. that was in 1999. i have been celebate ever since. i have gone on a few dates but when they find out that there will be no sex until it is a real friendship and commited relationship they tend to bail. but that's okay because i like myself and i don't mind being alone, i have lots of family and friends.

    tammy ramey

  10. I really have no flirting skills, i really adore those who flirt so naturally.

  11. I've been married too long to possess any flirting skills now. If I can think back to my dating days...I recall that men were drawn to my sense of humor and easy conversation skills more than anything else. They also thought it great fun to watch me blush as this occurred quite often. I could dish it...but, would blush terribly when it was turned back around at me.

    barbbattaglia @