Friday, March 9, 2012

What is this plot doing in my erotica? by Skye Warren

Thanks for having me! Since I get to be on a fellow author’s blog today, I thought I’d talk about plot in erotica and how I use plot structure. Erotica is one of very few types of writing that can get away with little-to-no plot. I think that’s why we sometimes get a bad reputation. After all, a science fiction book with no plot is just a mess. However, a plotless sex story can still have viable commercial value if someone wants to get aroused.
However, I don’t think that’s the norm. Plot and deep characterizations are what make the sex really hot. And from the reader’s point of view, why read a flat sex-only story when for the same price she can read a sexy romance or erotic thriller? For me, the tension of emotion is an important layer in erotica, without which it would just be…insubstantial.
I actually view my erotic nonconsent series as romantic suspense. Why? The relationship between the hero and heroine is paramount. There’s danger, suspense and action. So what makes it dark erotica? Well, there’s graphic depictions of erotic acts and violence entwined within the story. It’s not a side show (like where the couple explore their relationship aside from the action) but central to the plot.
If you spend time in writing forums, you may have heard the terms plotter versus pantser. A panster is someone who makes up the story as they go along. A plotter is someone who plans in advance, possibly with outlines, etc. I call myself a reformed panster. It’s the way I started writing, although not the way I want to end it!
Plot structure was a huge boon to me when I found it. When I took the time to study it, what amazed me was how universal it is! Thankfully, the erotica/romance genres aren’t quite as strict as certain others, but I always keep an eye on my location as I’m writing and try to hit the beats in all the right places. If you’re a plot structure aficionado, try looking for them in Trust in Me. Or heck, just enjoy the story! J

TRUST IN ME by Skye Warren

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  1. I definitely like a good plot in my books. I like to read stories with well written, complex characters, a good story/plot line, and interesting dialog and interaction between the characters.
    I can't wait to read this story. It sounds like a really interesting and intense book.
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