Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sexy Siren (INT)

If you aren't well aquainted with the 1NS series and the elusive Madame Eve, now is a great time to start. A whole series of Sexy Sirens to keep your nights warm and your love life HAWT.

My very first story was published in the 1NS series so for me it holds a special place in my heart. And I have to admit I love being the #69 in the series.

What I love is how sexy the series is, every author adding to what they find sexy and compelling. Some stories are subtle in there appeal, while others are anything but. Some involve getting over heart ache some are more about finding out who you really are.

But they all involve the same thing... A one night stand with someone that Madame Eve thinks might just be the one and lets face it her track record is pretty damn good. I look forward to adding to the series and reading as many of the books as I can get my hands on.

Now my book falls into the anything BUT subtle category. If you like to sex hot and submissive. You might like to try out Learning to Submit if you are more of a vanilla person... See if coming out of your shell might be just the thing you need.


Belinda has spent her life trying to find who she is sexually. When Madame Eve on the 1 Night Stand Dating Service suggests what she needs is a Dom to control her submissive side, Belinda isn’t convinced but can’t deny her guilty attraction to the idea.

David, is a Dominant in need of a sub. Having heard rave reviews about Madame Eve’s power of matching people to their sexual mate, he gives in and contacts her. He isn’t really looking for just one night with a woman playing games, though, he lives the lifestyle and he craves the submission of a woman ready to join him.

Will this be Madame Eve’s first failure or is Belinda really ready to learn to submit?

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